Sarich Family xo

Happy Monday Friends! 

Oh, how I adore this family so much! I was so honoured when they asked me to take their family photos this year - and had the best time with them! The love that they all share for one another, gives you goosebumps, and makes your heart flutter! Thank you for sharing your sweetness with me R+C+J+E+C+A, I adore you guys! Lucky to call you friends!


. W e l c o m e . to Katie Stajan Photography!


Welcome to my website, showcasing my work as a photographer!

Annnddddd * deep breathe * ! 

Full disclosure … I am feeling a little (ok a LOT) nervous about being so open and vulnerable … but also feeling SO excited and ready!!! :) 

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband, amazing family + friends, and my photography gurus / mentors, who have all encouraged me along the way, nurtured my love and passion, and motivated me to do this! SO here it is! A website to show my photography, a blog to share my thoughts + current work, and a way to connect with YOU!

 I am so passionate about photography,  and it brings me such joy to take pictures of every day life :)))) Whether the moments are big or small, it is my absolute pleasure and something I LOVE to do!! That photograph will always bring you back to that special moment in time, and the feelings you felt in that specific moment. 

Thank you for following along, it means so much to me! I look forward to sharing more with you! 


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